Mt. Pleasant is steeped in a rich history of old America and within its museum are the best proofs of that legacy.

Mt. Pleasant Hot Spots

Patriot's Point

A step inside our museum is like a step back in time, to when our rolling hillsides were the home of vast farms and plantations. There, you can learn about the ways of old and even catch a glimpse behind the curtain of time as you look through our various artifacts and relics. Recount the days of America`s Civil War.Retell the tales of the Native Americans who once lived upon this very land. Best of all, enjoy a day of fun and relaxation as you travel through time without ever leaving the current moment.

Take this knowledge with you and use it to help you imagine life throughout history as you take to your own two feet and explore our town. Many of our heritage sites are still standing, allowing you the opportunity to envision the past. The bulk of our downtown business district is built of historical stone buildings, each with a history as rich as the soil upon which it is built.